Exhibition at Tokonoma, Kassel/DE

Penetration of the mind by manipulation is a concept that has been around for quite some time. Aiming to influence interhuman feelings and behavior, this effect can be triggered and provoked unbeknwost within an individual.

Nowadays our rapidly advancing technology is being endlessly used to do so with ease. The human psyche is vulnerable to such attacks and its being targeted confidently by the technology and the trustees who provided it to them in bad faith.

Teisters' concepted works for his solo exhibition lays stress upon our analogical reasoning. Each work points out the demand for an ultimate cause we are trying to satisfy technology itself. In 2016, during the long night of museums in Kassel/Germany at TOKONOMA, his installation constructed a compressed mesh of works in relation to sociology and usage of our sexy and uber-chique techno devices.

Photos: Christine Seefrieds
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